What do we serve?


There is some knowledge that is useful to have in order to be playful with information. Please do not hesitate to ask us concerning our expertise on any of the following themes. We offer workshops and personal consultancy and from 2018 summer schools.


Summer Schools:

With our partners in North Karelia we elaborate the first Summer School on Game Design on Context world wide. More information about the course in this link. 

Currently, the call is open to be enroll on the summer school for 2018. This will take place from June 18 to July 13.


Expertise in house:


Context analysis

When planning to bridge physical assets and virtual resources it is important to understand your context. We recognize three dimensions of context: environmental, intersubjective, and subjective. You are welcome to discover these different dimensions in your own context.


Basics of Game Design

As the title stresses, an area of our expertise is to transmit the fundamental knowledge of game design, understanding games as systems that involve game components and game mechanics that support game play.


Service Design

Not everybody wants to develop a game, and there are possibilities to design immersive experiences without the game elements just by utilizing game techniques.


Context aware technologies for design

In many cases we underuse the technologies that we possess, from mobile phones to our own websites. In this theme we aim to get you familiar with all the technical possibilities that you already have to create your system.


Basics of User Interface and User experience

When digital technology is present, one has to think on the user interface and the user experience. In this module we aim to give you the resources needed for you to build outstanding applications!


Research services

Analyzing games from quantitative and qualitative perspectives to understand how the audience receives them. The studies are done according to the specific circumstances tailored to answer the questions and needs of the customer.

We want to bring research and quality assurance close to you!


Storytelling game platform: MINE

MINE is the accronym for: Meaningful Interactive Narratives with the Environment.  MINE is an user friendly platform where the author can create lineal or branched stories connected to their environment. You can request your account in here: MINE Platform


We can deliver consultancy workshops on many other areas of expertise as you can see below. Get in contact and we will tailor our service to your needs.