Kauppahalli, Joensuu


Kauppahalli is located in downtown Joensuu. It is a building that has big windows. Two of them are involved in this project.



For Whom is this project?

The project is for anyone who can be at front of the Joensuu's Kauppahalli windows.



Only on March 2016

Who is involved in this project?

Why this project?

Kauppahalli windows have been used to display relevant information to the people in Joensuu. Often this information is about events happening in the city.



We hope, for those who will experience this project, that they enjoy it and overall experience our interpretation that our world is but the canvas to our imagination. All is possible.


The effort is BIG but we believe in its value for the people who live and visit Joensuu. Additionally, it is rewarding to create an opportunity to meet and contact those individuals who are interested in social education, gaming, learning, technology, traveling, museums innovation and other topics that bring knowledge and creativity together with an inclusive mind.